Design, settle, trade

The OTC Contracts project provides a decentralized platform to design, settle, and trade contingent payments triggered by external events


Contract Token

Tokens represent a fixed share of all current and future listed contracts. Tokens are redeemable for contracts and contracts are recyclable for tokens.

OTC Contracts operate on economic incentives. Contracts themselves are owned by individual investors and leased to counterparties at rental rates determined by the market. Contracts can be traded and they produce income to the owner from rent. The contract value is in the standardization from a generator contract. The generator contract stores the database of valid contract addresses that are listed for trading.

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Many business transactions involve conditional payments between counterparties that can be defined as contingent payments triggered by external events. Traditionally, engaging in contingent payment transactions involves high costs and risks. Ethereum based smart contracts offer a cost effective secure alternative to traditional means of engaging in contingent payment transactions. However, the adoption of smart contracts has been slow due to their inaccessibility. Most individuals do not have the necessary understanding of blockchain technology to safely transact using smart contracts. The OTC Contracts project provides a platform that offers all individuals the ability to safely transact in contingent payment smart contracts. OTC Contracts can be applied to specific transactions, enabling businesses to cost effectively manage risk in a secure environment.


OTC Contracts offers secured transactions through the use of Ethereum based smart contracts.


Contracts are versatile with applications in escrow, financial derivatives, insurance, overseas transactions, and collateralization.


Contracts are standardized creating transparency and predictability. Counterparties can trade their contract positions on exchanges in a secondary peer-to-peer market.


The decentralized platform is globally accessible. Counterparties can engage in contracts from anywhere in the world and OTC Contracts can secure transactions that exchange real assets as well as crypto assets.


Counterparties do not need to trust a custodian or middleman to securely and honestly complete the transfer of funds. Custodians in most jurisdictions are burdened by regulatory requirements to ensure funds are handled honestly and securely. These requirements make such services costly. OTC Contracts offers secure transfer services without the use of costly middlemen.


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